The newest entry in the Star Trek series hits theaters this weekend, and I got a chance to sit down and talk with Bob Waliszewski from Plugged In about it.

The new film Star Trek: Into Darkness, rated PG-13, is a follow up to the 2009 film Star Trek, a reboot of the original series that aired back in the 60’s.  In this film Kirk is demoted after breaking the Prime Directive (Don’t interfere with growing alien cultures!) to save a friend. But after a terrorist attack kills many of the starship captains of the Federation, Kirk is given his ship back and heads of with the crew of the Enterprise to track down and bring justice to that terrorist.

Overall, Bob says it was a mixed bag for him. While there are some great themes of courage and self-sacrifice, there’s some other stuff that you may not want your kids to see.  With the themes of a terrorist attack (and an action movie in general), the body count gets pretty high, though most of the violence isn’t graphic.  There’s also a little bit of language, and one inappropriate scene that as Bob puts it, makes you go, “Really?! I needed to see that?!”

Here’s our conversation from the show.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

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