Have you ever known someone who believed in you, someone who frequently spoke words of encouragement and praise? The kind of person who made you feel you could do it, whatever “it” was? That’s the kind of person God wants us to be. Paul gave a good guideline when he wrote that everything we say should build up the one who is listening. Julie, my best friend and Reid and Scott, mentors and long-time friends have been that person to me. I just hope somewhere along the line I have been that person to someone. If I haven’t shame on me, but I won’t give up and I will be that person.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen (Eph 4:29).

The group Hawk Nelson has the song, “WORDS”.

Let my words be life

Let my words be truth

I don’t wanna say a word

Unless it points the world back to you

Several times in my walk with the Lord I have seen the idle things that I have spoken, come to pass in my life. It is true in fact the Lord, and others, listen to our words, our conversations. Be careful of what you say.

To the most basic relationships God provides, encouraging and supporting words to spouses/partners sometimes never occurs. Why? I have good excuse nor answer.

But this is what I will remember to do about it and so can you tonight. Encourage them to hear the applause. For the Christian man and woman, the applause from heaven-God’s approval-is essential. But heavenly applause is sometimes tough to hear. We need to train our ears to hear the voice of Jesus. You can encourage your spouse to do that. God has strategically placed you in your partner’s life to be their live-in encourager.

“I am the one that God chose for this job and with His help I am going to be the best yet! God, thank you for the wonderful life you have given me.”

Let the words you speak be positive, encouraging, uplifting!!!

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  • Jennifer says:

    Recently the Lord has blessed me with a beautiful daughter and a wonderful new job. My response to these blessings was to become extremely productive, allowing the work of my hands to show thanks to the Lord for His amazing gifts.

    As I became more productive I expected my husband to as well. I became resentful that I was doing so much and it didn’t seem like he was pulling his weight. I had become a nagging wife, and worse, I thought I was justified in it because no matter how much I complained my husband seemed to do less and less.

    The truth is that the more I complained he DID do less and less, because he had lost the person who loved and encouraged him. He didn’t feel motivated to become more productive because he wasn’t being loved and appreciated for what he did do.

    I had to step back and recognize that my pride was getting in the way of our relationship, not anything my husband was or was not doing. I had to step out of the muck and mire of my self-righteousness to see that my unkind words breaking my husband’s heart, and with it any desire he had to bless me with his efforts for our family.

    So I backed off and quit nagging. I went back to praising my husband for the things he was doing and stopped criticizing him for what he wasn’t doing. When I did, the strangest thing happened (or at lease I thought it was strange at the time), my husband used the work of his hands to show thanks to me for my encouragement and love.

    Just as the Lord’s blessings had encouraged me to work harder for Him, when I strove to be more like Christ, my actions encouraged my husband to work harder for me.

    Everyone is smiling in our home again, and as I pick up my camera to take a picture of my beautiful daughter in her father’s loving arms I try to remember that though a picture may be worth a thousand words, an encouraging word can create the opportunity for a thousand pictures.

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