He looks like us, but he is not actually of this earth. Instead, he’s come from outside of our world to be a beacon of something better, and to save us from all the scary stuff out there that’s coming after us.  It’s the story of Superman, and this summer, it’s in the form of blockbuster, “Man of Steel” (Rated PG-13).

Bob says the movie has some great themes about being willing to give up everything in order to save and protect others, and that comparatively to some other superheros, Superman stands a moral hero who is a good example to follow.  But the movie also includes some intense scenes of action violence and a few instances of profanity.  If you’ve got kids older than 12, you may be comfortable taking them and enjoying this one together. Plus, parts of it were filmed where Brent grew up! Listen to the longer review below.

Man of Steel – Review

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(Photo above – Superman feels honored to stand on the streets where Brent rode his bike growing up.)

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