Sully and Mike, the dynamic duo scare team from Disney Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” return for the prequel, “Monsters University” (rated G).  This time, we follow the guys as the attend college, meet each other, and try to balance each other out.  Mike is the better student, but everyone thinks he’s too adorable to be scary.  On the flip-side, Sully is gifted at being terrifying, but tends to be lazy and gets poor grades.  Will they make it through school together? (Spoilers: this movie comes before “Monsters, Inc.”, so we basically know how it’ll end already.)

When it comes to how family friendly the movie is, Bob says that there are some great themes of friendship and helping each other through adversity. Of course, there’s also some slapstick humor (depending on how you feel about that), and some portrayals of college frat parties which, while not inappropriate in content, might be a concern for the example they set for kids.  Click the play button to hear the full review.

Monsters University – Review

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