Yesterday was the “Drive Through Difference.”  It’s where we encourage Life 101.9 listeners to drive through a “drive through” for coffee or a meal and pay for the order in the car behind us.  It’s kind of fun.  I love doing it and I especially love the reaction from the car behind me.

Yesterday I forgot about it but someone else did not.  That’s right I came into the A&W/Long John Silver’s Restaurant in Cresco.  I had been traveling all day visiting with many of our wonderful donors.  It was about 8:15 in the evening and I actually went in to enjoy an A&W Coney Dog, rings and a mug of Diet Root Beer.  My usual fare there.  But when I went to pay my bill.  The young high school aged girl waiting on me said, “Sir, that will be no charge.  Someone has paid your bill in full.”

I asked her if she listens.  She said with a rather engaging smile, “Yeah, but my mom listens all the time!”

I see now why we do the drive through difference.  It’s fun for the giver…and now I’ve learned, it’s especially fun for the receiver.

It kind of reminds me of Grace.  Getting what we don’t deserve.  A bill itemizing the charges we’ve levied over a lifetime for the wrong we’ve done, but with a big stamp across the bottom that says.

“Paid in Full.  I love you!  Jesus.”

Something to think about.

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