Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn need jobs.  Well, their characters do in the movie “The Internship”. Both middle aged, they lose their jobs as salesmen, so they decided to try for jobs at Google. Well, not so much jobs as internships. Being the old guys, they’re assigned to a team with the misfits and leftovers, but they’ve got to band together if they want to win the various challenges. Because if they come out on top, they’re guaranteed jobs.

Bob says the film could have been great with it’s premise, but falls apart due to too much raunchiness.  While there’s a message about mentoring that’s beneficial, it’s far outweighed by inappropriate jokes, innuendo, and situation. In fact, Bob says this movie rides a line at PG-13, and he feels it probably should have gotten an R rating instead. You can listen to the full review below, which includes some more family friendly recommendations for this weekend.

Review – The Internship

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