In “White House Down” (rated PG-13) John Cale works for private security, but it’s his dream to be part of the Secret Service. Not only does he want to protect the President, but he hopes to provide a better life for his daughter.  So when he has the chance to interview to be part of the Secret Service, he travels to the White House with his daughter for the interview and a tour.  While they’re there, there’s an attack on the White House, John is separated from his daughter and he ends up meeting and becoming the sole protector of the President as the White House is under attack.

Bob says that while the movie has some great themes about courage, bravery, sacrifice, and prizing family, the movie is marred by some of the violence, and largely the language.  Particularly, Bob felt there were too many uses of Jesus name as an expletive, so he couldn’t recommend this film for the family.

White House Down – Review

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