The fourth of July was a big day for Airwaves.  Rockin’ mainstage at the Freedom Festival was something we’d been preparing for for 18 months.  Thanks to those of you who have prayed for us regularly and supported us by coming out to see us and bringing words of encouragement.

So what will you find at an Airwaves concert? Glad you asked.

“I want to run.  I want to hide.  I want to throw down these walls that hold me inside.  I want to reach out and touch the flame, where The Streets have no name.”  U2 – 1987 – Joshua Tree

“Can you take me higher to a place where blind men see?  Can you take me higher to a place with golden streets?” Creed – 1999 – Human Clay

“You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful!  You were made for so much more of this.  You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful!  In His eyes.”  MercyMe – 2010 – The Generous Mr. Lovewell

These songs are just a sampling of the music featured by Airwaves.  They are chosen intentionally in the hope that God will use Airwaves to connect with our world and call them to consider a life beyond this one.

We appreciate your continued prayers that those who hear us would find hope in the lyrics of many of our songs and that we could be an effective  “voice” for those who don’t have access to nutritious meals in our area.

Thanks for praying for Airwaves.

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