Brent and Mike with Registered Dietician Mary SteffensmeierIt’s a happy day when Mike and I get to talk about our favorite subject – FOOD!  So you can imagine we were pretty stoked to have registered dietitian Mary Steffensmeier with us to share how we creatively make time for breakfast when life is crazy busy.


Brent:  Mornings are busy, why is it important to have some kind of breakfast?

Mary:  Food is energy.  Food is your fuel.  Eating both liquid and food early in the day gives you the energy you need for the day.  It helps start your metabolism which wakes you up both mentally and physically.

Brent:  As a parent we encourage our kids to eat breakfast.  But frankly, it’s important for us too.  What are some creative ways to have breakfast on the run?

Mary:  You can put lot’s of things in ziplock baggies like cheerios or baby carrots.  Some other good things you can eat on the run are: banana, granola bar, apple, peanut butter sandwich, and of course something to drink.  The funny thing is when your kids see you eating something nutritious for breakfast they start to follow after you and eat a good breakfast too.


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