Sometimes, there aren’t any new movies for the family in theaters for the weekend. Bob says this is one of those weekends.  “The Family” is rated R, and “Insidious 2” is PG-13, but a horror movie that’s not really family friendly at all.

Bob did say that a movie that’s gaining buzz this weekend is “Instructions Not Included”. It’s also rated PG-13 and follows a young man learning what it means to be a single dad.  Unfortunately, there’s enough in the way of content issues that Bob says it’s only 2 1/2  out of 5 for family friendliness, so he can’t recommend it.

Plugged In – Weekend of September 13

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  • Tim says:

    Main Feature theater in Waukon shows family friendly movies. Also seconds as a restaurant (eat pizza, pasta etc. and watch a movie at the same time). Most importantly of all the theater is a church on Sunday.

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