I took my daughter out for her birthday this week.  It’s becoming one of my “most looked forward to” rituals. She lives with her husband in Cedar Falls so when I’m in town the week of her birthday, we pick an exotic destination and we go.  We celebrate her birthday, and we catch up.  Looking forward to many more!

This is Pad Thai.   One of the specialties at Ginger Thai Cuisine in Cedar Falls.  I tried it for the very first time. Pad Thai is one of my wife’s favorite Asian delights and now I know why.

Yum!  This was terrific. I’ll order that one again!

Marilyn and I love being able to connect with our kids.  Even though they’re all grown, we love to hear about their lives and discoveries.  All but one of our six kids live close enough that we can get together regularly to renew and celebrate family birthdays, holidays and don’t forget football Sundays watching the Kansas City Chiefs.

3-0 baby!  Yeah!  Give me one up high!  (Er…sorry.  I guess I got carried away.  Forgive the ADHD moment. Back to it…)

So here’s my question.

How do you connect with your kids after they leave the home and especially how do you do it when they leave the area?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Especially if your kids live far away, the challenge is to not let their distance deter you from connection. Getting face to face with Skype, Facetime or any other of the Internet apps seems like a good idea.

As I mentioned, we have one of our kids who is separated by more than a few minutes driving time.  Brian lives in Oklahoma with my daughter-in-law Sarah and two of our precious grandbabies!  Thanks to technology, we get to “see” them at least once a month and usually more, even if it’s only on a computer screen.

Family ties that bind are worth preserving. Got any creative ideas on connecting with family far away that you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear your thoughts as to how you keep family a priority when separated by miles, time zone disparities and sometimes even cultures.

Let me hear from you.

Something to think about.

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