How far would you go to save a child who was kidnapped? That’s the question posed in the movie “Prisoners” (rated R) starting Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie follows two families whose daughters are kidnapped and the extent one man goes to when he thinks the police aren’t moving fast enough and he “knows” who’s responsible.

Bob said that while the film could have been rated PG-13 if edited well, the director decided to go in a different direction, filling the movie with harsh profanities and some hard to watch torture scenes.  Bob could only give this one a 1-1/2 for family friendliness.

The other movie in theaters this week is “Battle of the Year”, a dance movie starring Josh Holloway of “Lost” fame.  Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t screened for the press, so Bob couldn’t say much about it in advance for family friendliness. But once they’ve seen it, the full review will be available on their site here. Listen to our conversation on both films below.

Prisoners – Movie Review

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