Our hearts are heavy this Fall Share as we have lost a great friend of Life 101.9.  We just learned a few days ago that Kelly Liddell (LID dell) went home to be with the Lord after a car accident took her life on August 10th.

Todd and Kelly have been day partners of this ministry and they were planning on being here with us this week as phone volunteers for the fourth consecutive year.  When I first met them, they told me that they loved volunteering during Fall Share because hearing the stories of changed lives from those who called in was so meaningful to them. In fact, they also told me that being here was something that they had started to work into their annual calendar even taking vacation time from work to be a part of this event.

I want to read something from Kelly’s obituary that I think says a lot about her wonderful personality:

“Kelly will be remembered as a kind and generous person with a surprisingly competitive spirit for sports. She saw the best in people and was intentional about encouraging others. She was quick to smile, laugh and followed God with her whole heart and with great zeal.”

I went to visit Todd just yesterday.  He is at home still recovering from the accident.   I told him that I shall remember how much Kelly enjoyed the ministry of Life 101.9 and her infectious smile and laugh.  Todd said that he wants to renew their day partnership – this time in Kelly’s memory.

We miss Kelly especially this week and pray for healing for Todd and for grace and peace to be upon him and sons Dalen and Rolan.   Todd asks for prayer as he learns what the new normal will look like without Kelly.


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  • Sherry S. says:

    Kelly was my son-in-law’s step-mom and Todd is his dad. I have interacted with the family on different occasions. The funeral was very large as it was a double funeral for Kelly and Todd’s brother, Troy. I was on grandma duty that day, She is missed very much by many.

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