4 years ago, the Mersk Alabama attempted to cruise through pirate waters off the coast of Africa unnoticed and failed.  The ship was overtaken by Somali pirates, the crew was captured, and eventually, the captain was taken captive before being rescued by special forces. That true story is the inspiration for the film “Captain Phillips” (rated PG-13).

Bob says the movie definitely has some good points with examples of bravery and being willing to sacrifice yourself for others, but there’s also a little language and some sections can be kind of bloody.  The combination of those things means “Captain Phillips” is on the bubble with Bob as far as family friendliness goes, and that in regards to teens and up, it’ll be a parent’s call on whether they feel comfortable watching it with their kids. Reading the longer review here at Plugged In’s website may help with that decision. You can listen to our chat below.

Captain Phillips – Review

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