There’s not a lot that’s family friendly new in theaters this weekend, but there is a family friendly film on tonight that you could watch from your living room.  Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, and Walden Films have worked together to bring the new movie “The Hunters” to the Hallmark Channel, tonight at 7pm.

“The Hunters” follow Carter and Jordyn Flynn on the search for their missing parents. It turns out their parents were Hunters, warrior scientists of a sort who find and protect magical artifacts to keep them from falling into the hands of bad guys.  Now that their parents have gone missing, Carter and Jordyn need to find them, and the artifact they were searching for, the magic mirror of Snow White fame.  Bob says the movie has some intense moments, so it could be too much for younger kids, but that this movie is otherwise very family friendly, and could really appeal to kids ages 10-14.

The Hunters – Review

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