As a kid, I remember my dad inviting everyone traveling in our family car to huddle around him as he proudly announced that the mileage indicator was going to turn over to a new level. The anticipation in his voice left us all feeling that it was something we would regret missing and once it rolled over to the next number, would never be seen again.

It was before the time when wearing a seat belt was a law – I’m really dating myself now 🙂  – and so, free of any restraint, we jumped up from the back seat, peered over his shoulder and observed the “analog rollover” together.

(This digital image that I took with one hand on my smartphone while speeding down the interstate at 70 miles an hour a few days ago, isn’t quite as exciting because of course, it all happens at the speed of light. Sorry friend. Dad’s 53 Chevy isn’t around anymore.)

This was not an isolated event, mind you. I can remember that this happened more than once and each time, we all celebrated the moment together. For some reason, my dad really got excited about sharing these moments with his three boys.

Though the event of an odometer “roll over” is clearly trivial and not necessarily praise worthy, there is a good chance that you have accomplished something this year that is truly significant. Something worth celebrating.

C’mon now, don’t be shy. I’ll bet you can think of at least one worthwhile thing that you’re proud of, can’t you?

So what milestones have you accomplished this year as we wind down?  Big or small, if it’s something that with God’s help you accomplished, it’s certainly worth celebrating with a friend or two that know how hard you worked to reach your goal.

After all, like the odometer, time will pass and it could be forever forgotten. Don’t let that happen.

And after you’ve shared your story with a friend, drop me a line as well. I’d love to hear your story.

Something to think about.

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