The holidays are behind us, and as we look forward to the new year, the word “resolution” gets kicked around quite a bit. And for some of us, that means thinking of that dreaded place known as The Gym.

My “visions of sugar plums” quickly turned into the “reality of Christmas cookies”, and I ate them with abandon.  I recently had my cholesterol checked; if I get a cut, there’s a good chance I may actually bleed gravy.

Let me be straight with you: I do not like The Gym. I have many friends who love to go and work out, hurl dumbbells in the air, and try to get as ripped as possible. They are nuts. I’m kidding!! Don’t beat me up, guys! Seriously though, for me–I just want to be able to get out of the shower in the morning, look in the mirror and not feel nauseous. And yes…well…I need to pay attention to the cholesterol thing.

When I asked my doctor what I should do to be proactive about getting healthier, he told me something that surprised me: The vast majority of people that he’s seen who have lost weight–and kept it off–have done simple things (as opposed to radical diets, hyper-fitness programs, etc.). So, let’s look at a couple simple things that he suggested…especially for those of us who don’t like (or can’t afford) to go to The Gym.



Walking 30-45 minutes every other day is something most of us can do. Have a dog? They love walks, and this is a great way to give them and you some good outside time. It’s easy. One foot in front of the other.

There are drawbacks, of course. Let’s face it…it’s winter. It’s cold out. Roads are slippery. But, we’ve got to get healthier, and the alternative is The Gym. So, bundle up, and carry a cell phone in case you get lost or need help.



It seems like dieticians always throw out the same three things: “Fish!” “Yogurt!” “Cottage Cheese!” Yuck, yuck, and YUCK!! I can’t stand any of that stuff, so I have to improvise a bit. For me, it’s about portions and wise decisions. I quit eating fast food. As much as I love Coca-Cola, I now am making it a treat, not a daily beverage. Make your fattier foods “treats” instead of everyday choices. Junk food is called “junk food” for a reason!

Proper portion sizes are important too. I used to have bowls of cereal that  – in quantity – could properly nourish a small horse. I figured that since it was “healthy” cereal that I was fine. Wrong!! Check the labels on your foods; you’ll be amazed at what the “Recommended Serving Size” is. Base your meals on those recommended serving sizes, and fill in the gaps with fruit, veggies, and water.

These are my plans for the new year…if I am going to avoid The Gym, I’ve got to make healthier alternatives. What do you think?

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