Handling your money like a typical American is terrible plan.  Here’s why.  The typical American is flat broke!

Fellow debt-hating guru and financial coach Jon White (@JWFinCoaching) wrote a blog called “Don’t be average”.  In it, he rattles off a number of disappointing statistics about the average American.  Here’s just a few.

Did you know 60% of people live paycheck to paycheck?  What kind of life is that?  I used to live that way, and it’s not fun.

The average car payment is $400 a month.  Yet, two out of three people could not handle a $5000 emergency without going into debt for it.   What’s up with that?

The average household that uses credit cards has almost $16,000 in credit card debt.  Ouch!  Normal stinks!

Here’s a concept: don’t be normal!  If the average person interprets the way you handle money as strange and/or crazy, you’re on the right track. I get weird looks from many folks when I explain how we pay cash for cars, vacations, and other big-ticket items.

Some find it unbelievable that my wife and I are only a few years away from owning our home out-right.  Living mortgage-free seems unattainable and unfathomable to most Americans.

So, don’t strive to be average.  I believe as Christians we have a higher calling than a life of mediocrity.  Pay off debt, be free, and BE YOUR BEST!

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