Two new movies hit theaters this weekend: “Nonstop” starring Liam Neeson, and “Son of God”, which follows the life of Jesus and is adapted from “The Bible” miniseries on the History Channel.

Bob says “Nonstop” (rated PG-13) follows Liam Neeson’s character as an air marshal on a plane where terrorists are threatening the passengers. The only problem? No one knows who the terrorist is, and he’s communicating via text message.  Can they figure out who the bad guy is and stop him before he kills everyone on the plane?  Bob says this was a good who-dunit mystery that was sadly plagued by a lot of profanity, and if it had less of that, he’d have less of an issue recommending it.

Bob says “Son of God” (also rated PG-13) on the other hand is a great film that follows the life of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection.  Bob said the movie is a great depiction of Jesus and is largely made up of parts from “The Bible” Miniseries but includes some new footage as well. While some scenes like the trial and crucifixion may be intense for younger viewers, families with teens should be able to enjoy the film and celebrate the life of Jesus through the film.

Listen to the full conversation below.

Bob talks “Nonstop” and “Son of God”

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