Another weekend in the early sixties. The hottest thing to hit prime time TV in this era was when the Beatles exploded on the Ed Sullivan Show. But Sunday morning? What was worth watching then?

Glad you asked.

On Sunday morning, me and my younger brothers Robin and Jamie would wake up in my mother’s tiny apartment and immediately turn on the TV to watch Rocky and Friends.

Hey, there was nothing else to do. Mom always slept in on Sundays. Weekends were when she had visitation rights to the three of us and she was a late sleeper anyway so Sunday morning cartoons became a ritual for us. I liked the antics of Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose but I loved their “friends” Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

I remember why now.

No cartoon gave you a history lesson like this one and I had forgotten that. A dog with a high enough IQ to not only talk but to invent a thing a ma jig called a “Way Back Machine” that took Peabody and his sidekick to historical pivot points from eras past was an adventure worth watching.

We never missed it.

I dare say that this show raised my middle school history performance at least a full letter grade from a D to a C. In these moments, the tube was no longer a boob tube. Instead, I saw it as doing my homework on the weekend without ever having to crack the textbook. Nothing could be better!

Years like 1776 and 1492 visited by these curious explorers became forever etched in my mind.  Our heroes were often instrumental in making sure that Columbus didn’t accidentally sink the Santa Maria or worse, that George Washington didn’t sleep through his inauguration day.

A history lesson and adventure all at once. What a concept! I relived it last week when I went to see “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” on the big screen.

This was a fun flick that not only brought back memories of the sixties but a history lesson to boot.

I wonder if dogs really can talk?

Something to think about.



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