The latest Disney film Maleficent retells the story you may be familiar with from Sleeping Beauty. But this time the concentration is on Maleficent herself, and the backstory that leads her to be the person we remember her as in the cartoon classic. Along they way, there are some interesting twists, and we of course learn the classic lesson that true love conquers all.

Bob said he was surprised by the film.  He found it enjoyable, and thought it teaches some good lessons while keeping it clear what’s good and what’s evil.  He gave it a 3 and a 1/2 out of 5 for family friendliness, but recommends it largely for older children, as younger ones might be scared by some of the more intense scenes in the film.

You can check out a more in depth review of the film’s content at the Plugged In website.  And listen to our conversation from this morning below. I asked Bob, “This is a live action remake of Sleeping Beauty right?”

Bob reviews “Maleficent”

(Image courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios)

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