It’s a 4th of July weekend, and there’s new movies in theaters, and the one you’ve probably heard a bit about for kids is the “Earth to Echo” (rated PG).  Bob says the story is a mix between ET and The Goonies, as a group of friends films their last days together before they’re neighborhood is demolished to make room for a highway and each family movies away.  As they film their adventures, they come upon Echo, being from another planet, and that’s just the beginning of their adventure.

Bob says the movie is a lot of fun, and particularly for older kids and junior highers, it’ll likely be something they’d enjoy.  The group works hard to help Echo, and shows compassion for him. On the downside, in order to go on their adventure, the kids lie to their parents, something you don’t want your kids to emulate. So because of that, he gave it 3.5 out of 5 for family friendliness. You can listen to our conversation below, and check out the full review at the Plugged In website.

Mike and Bob talk “Earth to Echo”

(Image courtesy of Relativity Media, LLC.)

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