Ok, I admit it.

It crossed my mind a few years ago that Francesca Battistelli was going to ride the novelty of lyrics to instant recognition with our audience. I mean who can’t relate to lost keys and cell phones.  I say that for no other reason that there have been other songs in our past that rode novelty and made “one hit wonders” out of artists in every decade.

Now before I continue I need to tell you that I didn’t take the time to listen, really listen to the other songs on her first CD so there was no reason for me to be persuaded otherwise. I was clearly ignorant of her other early recorded music.

Then I heard FB sing.  I mean really show off her chops last night in Manchester and I realize that my passing thought was just that. Nothing more than a passing thought.

Francesca, you were sensational!

Before an estimated crowd of 2,400, Battistelli and an outstanding band of musicians rocked all in attendance with her music and notwithstanding, her genuine heart for the Lord. I am confident that if there were skeptics of her musical acumen that strolled in, they left changed and convinced.

I know I was.

And kudos to you Delaware County Fair, for taking a chance on a “up and comer” that turned out to be not much of a gamble at all.

I think fairs in Iowa are quickly learning that inviting a Life 101.9 artist to the mix of their entertainment line up makes fiscal sense for them.

And for those of us who love being a part of events such as these, it certainly makes “Spirit sense.”

Do I hear an “Amen?”

You are hardly a “one hit wonder” Francesca. You’re on a roll with our audience and with millions of young girls especially, from Orlando to Seattle. You made a fan out of me, that I know for sure.

Thanks for a great night of music ministry, FB!

If I run across your keys, I’ll let you know! 🙂

Something to think about.


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