“Guardians of the Galaxy” (rated PG-13) is the latest film from Marvel Comics.  This one follows a band of intergalactic misfits (the titular Guardians) led by Peter Quill, a human who calls himself Star-Lord. If you think of a rough around the edges, Han Solo type, you’ve got the right idea. He’s joined by an assassin, two thugs, and a maniac. Not exactly the most heroic crew you could think of. In fact, they’re pretty selfish most of the time, but the movie brings them all redemption as they put aside their selfishness to save others (including each other at times).

That being said, this is probably on the edgier end of Marvel movies with a some sensuality and crude jokes mixed in.  So it might not be the best super hero movie to take your kids too, but Bob still gives it 3 out of 5 for family friendliness. You can listen to him sharing about the movie below. And check out a longer look at the movie’s content at the Plugged In website.

Bob talks “Guardians of the Galaxy”

(Image courtesy Marvel)

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