It’s been a staple in classrooms for years, but now the book “The Giver” has received it’s big screen adaptation. The story follows Jonas, a young man who lives in a perfect world. At least it looks that way.  But when he’s given his job assignment to take over for the Receiver of Memories, he comes to realize that while the world looks perfect, they’ve left a lot of things behind in the pursuit of perfection. And then he must decide if he’s going to do something about it.

While some scenes can be intense, Bob says there’s a lot of great themes in this movie, like protecting the weak, standing strong in the face of challenges and pain, and not being afraid to make the right choice between right and wrong.  For teens on up, Bob says the movie gets a 4.5 out of 5 for family friendliness. Hear his longer synopsis and review below, and read the full review at the Plugged In website.

Bob talks about “The Giver”

(Image courtesy of The Weinstein Company)

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