You’ve probably heard JJ Weeks Band’s song, “Let Them See You.” Recently, God provided me a chance to see this song lived out.

On the way home, my wife asked me to make a quick stop to pick-up some groceries for dinner. I was making excellent time dashing down aisles and checking items off my list. That is, until time moved into [what felt like] slow motion. As I stopped to get my last item, I noticed a woman in my peripheral with two children in tow – one by her side, the other in the cart and both demanding her attention. The children, at this point, were no longer entertained with “I Spy” and iPhone games. It was obvious this mom’s shopping experience couldn’t progress fast enough. There were several of us in the aisle – all pretending we weren’t hearing the sound of children crying with a mother at her breaking point. It was then that a woman, an apparent stranger to this mother, pushed her grocery cart up to the family and said, “Let me help. What else do you have on your list? Let’s get you shopped for and on your way.” It was reminiscent of Mary Poppins swooping in to save the day … but instead of a British nanny, it was a stranger seeing a need of another person and taking action.

As I drove home, the song “Let Them See You” was just ending on the radio, but not before the chorus played one last time …

Let them see You in me
Let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You in me.

Believing that God has purpose in all things, this moment in time caused in me a question: who are people seeing in ME? As a Christian, who are people seeing in YOU? As we live our lives before a watching world, who are people seeing in US?

I can’t tell you the name of the woman that came to the aid of a mother-in-need, but I can tell you that I saw Jesus in her words and actions. Might we all strive to do the same.


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