Are you happy?

I know what makes me happy – spending time with my family.  Sounds cliché and old-school, but it’s true.  Getting out of debt and being good stewards of our money has allowed this happen.

I don’t have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.  My wife only has to work part-time.  All of these blessings are a result of financial sacrifices we had made years ago.  That makes me happy!

It’s also opened up the door for us to give.  Ironically, this ALSO makes me happy.  Recently, my wife and I decided to set aside some money in our budget to bless our waiter or waitress the next time we went out to eat.  Now, it wasn’t $1000 but it was certainly larger than 20%.

Afterwards, we were moved.  What a blessing it is to bless others!  Again, this is a result of being out of debt and paying the price so we’re able to live this way.

Are you able to spend as much time with your family as you want?  Are you able to help others the way God has called you?  Do you have options in your life?

Jerrid on time, family, giving, and money

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