Our Savior’s power extends beyond the grave – Jesus has the power to revive dead things.

Pastor Mark Batterson is the author of  several books, including The Circle Maker, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and All In. Now he joins us to talk about his brand-new title, The Grave Robber.

Jesus is the same God who parted the seas, gave sight to the blind, multiplied food, and raised the dead. Sometimes we forget that He has not changed, nor has His power lessened. How can we reflect on this amazing, wonder-working God? When we forget that Jesus has power over all things,

“[We] cut Jesus off at the knees… we have got to be a people with sanctified expectations. I think God wants to prove Himself to us at times by doing things that we can’t explain. I’m learning to live in some of the mystery and some of the miraculous. I can’t always explain it, but if I could He wouldn’t be God.”

What are the seven signs of the miraculous in the Gospel of John? Mark unpacks each one:

  • Water into wine
  • The healing of the nobleman’s son
  • The healing of the man who was lame for thirty-eight years
  • The feeding of over 5,000 with five loaves and two fish
  • Walking on the sea of Galilee during a storm
  •  The giving of sight to the man born blind
  • The raising of Lazarus from the dead, after four days in the grave

What gets in the way of our faith in the miraculous? Mark points to two “trip wires.”

  1. Subliminal skepticism
  2. Dormant disappointment

If we can walk in the tension of asking God to move on our behalf and trusting Him when He answers in a different way, then we’re in a perfect posture to experience a miracle.

Highlight : The danger of subliminal skepticism

The grave robber

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