Satan prowls around looking to trick, discourage, and isolate Christians. Fortunately we can train ourselves to recognize his attacks.

Dr. Ray Pritchard, president of Keep Believing Ministries, authored the book Stealth Attack, and in it, he explores several key aspects of spiritual warfare and the Christian:

  • Asymmetric warfare – the tactics of a small but committed group that takes the battle to a larger, more powerful army.
  • How to respond to an unstable, dangerous world with faith instead of fear.
  • The impact of biblical illiteracy on our faith and spiritual warfare.
  • Putting on the armor of God:

– The belt of truth
– The breastplate of righteousness
– The shoes of the gospel of peace
– The shield of faith
– The helmet of salvation
– The Sword of the Spirit

Satan’s warfare has two goals – to divide us and discourage us. Ray explains:

“He knows as long as we stand shoulder to shoulder, we’re going to be a formidable army for God in this world. We become easy pickings when we are off by ourselves. Isolation is one of his tactics; the other one is discouragement. Satan fights dirty. He cheats. He lies. He steals. Don’t give the devil a foothold – we need to be big forgivers and quick forgivers. Never give up.”

How can we use the Word as a weapon against Satan? There are three simple steps we can take to memorize Scripture and sharpen our Sword.

  1.  Say it out loud – something happens in your spiritual mindset when you hear your own voice reciting the promises of God.
  2. Write it down, by hand.
  3. Repeat it.

Highlight : Using the Word as a sword

We are not unaware of his schemes

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