Today was another Love On Your Kids Friday. You can share the stories of your kids anytime during the week at our online form as well.  And we also talked about all this:

  •  Feel like a guilty parent? – You dont’ have to. But in case you’re looking for help, Randy Carlson shares some habits all parents can adopt.
  • The Good Lie – Bob talks about this new option in theaters this weekend and whether or not your family might like it.
  • Change isn’t easy – Most times, the change is hard and the result is good. But what if the change is Fall and the result is Winter. Can I keep the change?
  • From annoying to good – Sometimes your pets drive you nuts…until you think they’re dying and then you don’t ever want them to go
  • Work less – because if you don’t take it a little easier, you might be increasing your risk of diabetes later in life.
  • Multitasking – is it good for you, bad for you, or somewhere in between?


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