It’s been 14 years since the first Left Behind hit theaters.  This year we see the remake, starring Nicolas Cage. If you’re unfamiliar with Left Behind, it’s based on a book series which depicts the events following the Rapture, when all Christians disappear and are taken to heaven. In the book’s depiction, this marks the beginning of the tribulation period, 7 years before Jesus returns.

Bob says this film version only covers about the first 25 pages of the book it’s based on, so there’s not that much story to go on.  It’s largely a survival movie with the Rapture as a backdrop.  While it maybe skews towards older kids, Bob still gave the film 4 out of 5 for family friendliness. You can hear our conversation below and check out the full review at the Plugged In website.

Bob talks about ‘Left Behind’

(Image courtesy of Stoney Lake Entertainment)

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