You had the chance to Love on your Kids today, plus we talked new movies, myths, and getting healthy when you’re always sick. Check it out:

  • 23 Blast – Mike and Bob talk about the new uplifting film out this weekend.
  • Take a break! – American’s aren’t using their vacation hours. Seriously, get out of here and enjoy yourself for a while.
  • Health and fitness myths – Turns out doing all those crunches won’t necessarily make my gut go away…
  • Always sick? – My family’s been on a cycle of colds for the last 3 months at least. What do we do to break the cycle?
  • Parenting Horror Stories – You’ve heard them, but that doesn’t mean all parenting is like that.
  • Cheat with a friend – It turns out if you eat that high calorie food with a friend, you’ll feel less guilty about it. Hurray justification!


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