What does it mean to hear the voice of God? How can we maintain a close walk with Him in every season?

Marilynn Chadwick, author of Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars, spends time exploring what it means to discern God’s voice and follow His leading in our lives. Marilynn breaks down her own journey of praying and God captured her heart: “hook, line, and sinker.”

“God is always talking to us… the question is, are we listening? When people want to hear God’s voice, go first to His Word. God to his Word and ask Him, ‘God, make a passage or a verse come alive for me.'”

Marilynn says we can hear the voice of God in our circumstances, His people, and our own experiences, but it must start with the Scriptures.

Listen as Susie and Marilynn touch on:

  • Marilynn’s own journey from atheism to faith.
  • Prayer triggers.
  • How Marilynn’s prayer life was shaped by her battle with infertility.

They also spend time exploring the six steps to building a strong prayer life:

  1. Be alert
  2. Be specific
  3. Pray with authority
  4. Agree with others in prayer
  5. Arm yourself with spiritual strength
  6. Answer God’s call

Marilynn and Susie challenge us to not stop praying: “We’re going to be fighting the fight of faith until we die… 9/11 made me wake up to the fact that life is a fight. I realized that I can’t let up [in prayer].” Remember that we pray to the God of all flesh, the God who opens wombs, heals the sick, saves the lost, and holds the earth on its axis. Marilynn says, our God is the God who provides, and when we pray, He listens.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:6-7; James 5:16; Colossians 4:2

Highlight : Hearing God

Hearing God

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  • Heather Trumm says:

    Hi Marilynn and Susie, I have a question for you in regards to dealing with infertility. What verses helped you along? I’m really struggling with that right now.
    Thanks you and God Bless!


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