What’s the difference between a busy full life and a busy draining life? Women of Faith speaker Lisa Harper shares how to live and work in God’s strength instead of our own.

Lisa unpacks several tips from her book, Overextended…And Loving Most of It!:

The BLAST principle:

In Lisa’s words, “Inhale God’s peace. Exhale anxiety.” Our breath support can have a significant impact on how we handle stress and busyness, and taking time to stop and simply breathe can lower our stress levels and calm our minds.

God’s voice will come through and lead you; the main way He will guide you and give you direction is through His word.

Ask God for clarity regarding your circumstances

Studies have shown that the simple act of turning your lips up improves your mood!

Take the next step – in moments of busyness and feeling scattered, just do the next small thing that makes sense.

Lisa shares her own journey of becoming an adoptive mother at the age of fifty and how that has shifted her schedule. “There may be hardships ahead, but we’ll deal with that when we hit that. I’ve already made just about every mistake known to motherhood but I’ve found that love and patience cover a multitude of sins. It has given me a different picture of the fatherhood of God. [Missy’s] just a gift from God’s hand… I didn’t know I could love this way or this much.”

Lisa’s other books include Stumbling Into Grace: Confessions of a Sometimes Spiritually Clumsy Woman and Untamed: How the Wild Side of Jesus Frees Us to Live and Love with Abandon.

Highlight : Keeping pace with God in each season

Keeping pace with God

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