Throughout history, God has described His glory as a powerful, unquenchable fire. Is that fire present in your own life?  Author Carol Kent, whose books include When I Lay My Isaac Down and Between a Rock and a Grace Place, unpacks the awesome power and glory of God and the light He puts in every believer.

God walks with us in the joys of life, but also through sorrows. The fire of our faith can move from a bonfire to a small smoldering wick. How can we lean on God when our faith is dwindling? Listen as Carol and Susie Larson touch on several aspects of the truths and struggles of faith:

How a car crash shook Carol’s faith early in her marriage.

What a ‘sacrifice of praise’ is — and how it empowers a dying faith.

The distinction between offering cliches and supplying God’s truth to a suffering friend.

Why it’s important to know the Word. In Carol’s words, “When you’re in the middle of a crisis, the words blur on the page and you don’t get it yet, because your emotions are not allowing you to comprehend it. The best thing to do is memorize Scripture so that God will bring it back to your mind in the firestorm.”

What can steal our joy.

How God ministers to us during the “dark night of the soul”.

The two types of “wildfire” in life

The importance of being honest with God and with ourselves about the state of our faith.

Carol encourages us to keep trusting and choosing faith in the midst of trials. “Our God is the God who rescues, but sometimes He rescues in a different way and different time frame than what we expect.”

Highlight : Stoking another’s fire

Living an ‘unquenchable’ faith

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