On today’s show, we asked for your prayer requests (which you can always share at Prayer Works) plus we chatted about all this:

  • Stay-at-home moms – PSA: Just because they stay at home doesn’t mean they don’t do anything all day and have a schedule that means they can drop everything for you.
  • Reading! – We should all be doing, but is reading so much on screens actually hurting our ability to not only read books but to read well at all?
  • WiFi Drones? – Facebook wants to connect the world by flying around a bunch of 747 sized drones to give us WiFi. I’d rather just have a personal one.
  • Falling from Grace – It’s hard to watch someone you respect make a mistake, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to pray for them and hope God restores them
  • Changing habits is hard! – You want to be a better person and develop good habits, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.
  • Saying goodbye – It probably won’t get easier, but there are some ways to do it better.
  • Real Food Burnout – Sometimes you just don’t want to make a meal. But when that feeling continues for a week, you’ve got a problem
  • Pinterest vs. Tradition – If you’re pinning things all the time and moving from project to project, are you missing out on the opportunity to make family traditions.
  • Have a better morning – sometimes it’s as simple as preparing the morning before.
  • $100 for bad service – Tipping well for bad service is a great example of God’s grace to us.

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