We had a great time of sharing prayer requests this morning on the show. Here are many of the requests that were shared so you can be praying for them throughout the day:

  • Debbie’s fiance Russ is looking for work out of state. They don’t want to move from Iowa, but are trying to find God’s leading.
  • Michelle’s friend Rose is battling breast cancer right now.
  • Patti’s daughter Alison moved south to help her brother’s family as he is deployed after the beginning of the year and is struggling to make the transition.
  • Mary’s brother Randy had stints put in, but his body is fighting the blood thinners necessary for the stints to work.
  • Linda wants pray for her son and fiance Luke and Misty as they get married soon and also thanked God for 40 years of marriage with her husband.
  • An anonymous man called in because he and his wife are separated right now and he’s working through it, trying to grow and wants them to get back together again so they and their 4 kids can be a family again.
  • Denise asked for prayer for the Fields of Faith event tonight where over 500 kids may hear the gospel.
  • Dustin’s dad has stage 4 colon cancer. He also recently went through cancer himself and asked for prayer for all families going through cancer battles.
  • An anonymous woman asked for prayer for a good report from the CT scan her husband is having this morning, hoping for a clean bill of health after a battle with melanoma this summer.
  • Cody asked for prayer for all those serving in church, particularly those who do it on a volunteer basis and put in a lot of time and effort for others.
  • Tammy’s 19 year old daughter Kate is headed in for treatments today as she battles lymphoma.
  • Kelly and her husband have been trying to have a baby for the last year and a half and ask for prayers that God will give them a child.
  • Doug asked for prayer for Fred Bridges family after he passed away this week.
  • Bill’s wife is in hospice and isn’t expected to live past Friday. He’s praying she passes quickly and without pain. He and his family could use prayers of comfort.
  • Gene and his family moved to Oklahoma earlier this year to care for his Dad, but they’re still struggling to find a church and are all feeling homesick.
  • Barbara’s 10 year old grandson Ethan has been having a lot of epileptic seizures lately. Pray the doctors can figure out what’s going on.
  • Michelle’s friend Stacy’s newborn grandson is also suffering from seizures. Pray the doctors discover what’s wrong with him as well.


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