During the show, we chatted with Mike McManus from Marriage Savers about Marriage Mentors. Listen to what he shared this morning, plus catch up on everything else from the show below.

Marraige mentors with Mike McManus

  • Criticize the point – It’s too easy to make a personal attack, but that won’t help anyone.
  • Reheat Pasta? – A very small study says reheated pasta may actually help you lose weight.
  • Rebuilding the Berlin Wall – Looking back at the tough times can gives us more hope for the future.
  • Everything old is new again – Sooner or later, we all become hipsters I guess.
  • Fighting Discouragement – The link applies to homeschool moms, but the tips apply across the board.
  • Learning from a bully – While his story at the beginning may not be the advice you’d give your kids, he still shares some things we can learn about facing our fears.
  • DIY? – Making it yourself can save you money. But sometimes, it’s worth the cash to save the time.
  • Baby social media? – 40% of moms report having a dedicated social media account with their baby’s name.


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