Encouragement to get out and enjoy the fall with your kids, and more on the show today.

  •  Raking leaves – It can be a chore this time of year, especially considering how many times you have to do it, but it’s way more fun with kids to jump in the piles.
  • Challenging kids – Just because they’re not easy to raise, doesn’t mean there isn’t a silver lining.
  • Helping change – You can’t change someone, but God can. Stephen Altrogge shares some ways you can help.
  • Shame – It makes a decent motivator, but not in a good way. You’ll change, but only because you feel bad and only for a short time. Positive reinforcement and a proper vision of the future are better tools for accomplishing your long term goals.
  • Pop makes you old – The aging effects from soda are the same as smoking according to some studies. So let’s drink less and start savoring it.
  • Bible reading habits – Here’s some ways to bring your Bible reading to life today.
  • Living simply – It seems more complex than it should be. Here’s some tips.
  • Marriage and sarcasm – Sarcasm can be funny, but it can also cut like a knife.


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