Stay at home moms are misunderstood.  They work hard to keep track of the kids, they keep the house in order, they may be homeschooling, tracking groceries, and pretty much everything else that makes the house a pleasant place to be.  That’s a lot, and schedules can be a huge part of that.  She might not have a schedule that involves her being at specific places all the time, but she still has naps to lay out, possibly school to teach, and maybe a half hour of down time would be nice.

But here’s the perception: they just stay home with kids and maybe clean the house and keep the kids out of trouble and that’s it.  What that translates into for many is that a stay-at-home mom is a woman who should be able to help out with quite a bit.  Because she’s not tied to anything right? She should be able to drop everything to help out.

Feel free to try that line with my wife Amy. Actually, don’t. I wouldn’t want you to get a black eye.

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