Today, you shared what you were thankful for, we met our Student of the Week, plus all this:

  •  Punishment vs. Discipline – When it comes to kids, don’t punish them (consequence), discipline them (teaching) so that they learn what they did wrong and why not to do it again.
  • Dads and Daughters – Dads can make a huge difference as they speak truth into their daughter’s life.
  • KayLynn, a second grader from Lou Henry school in Waterloo is our Student of the Week!
  • Argue better – While arguments seem bad, you can do them in a way that strengthens your relationship.
  • When kids worry – How do you help your kids not let their lives be controlled by worry?
  • Macy’s open on Thanksgiving – The question: does that special person want an awesome gift or more time with you?
  • You’re rich – If you have at least $3,650, you’re richer than 50% of the world.


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