You had the opportunity to share what you were thankful for this morning, plus we talked about all this:

  • Efficiency in marriage – Efficiency is good, but not when it comes to relationships.
  • Longer School Days and Less Recess – What do we have against our kids?!
  • Taking difficult news – Don’t get so busy you don’t take the time to process what you’ve heard. You’ll only feel it harder later when you can’t run fast enough to stay ahead of it anymore.
  • Dreaming about the future – Don’t do it too much or you’ll never achieve the future you want. WOOP it up instead!
  • Congrats to our Student of the Week – PJ from Cedar Rapids. PJ’s in 8th grade at Regis Middle School.
  • Roundabouts vs 4-way intersections – See if you’re surpised at the results the Mythbusters discovered.
  • Drones and weather control – If you combine all the factors, it’s possible a crazy arch-villain is hiding out in California somewhere.
  • Coffee and DNA – Your DNA could affect if coffee is healthy for  you or not. Is there any better reason to consider genetic therapy?
  • Drive Thru Lines – They’re getting slower. Suddenly those times where you say, “I’ll just go inside and order” don’t sound so crazy anymore.


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