This morning we chatted about how you saw God working your weekend, plus all this:

  • Exercising Alone – Do you prefer to hit the gym or stay home? Depending on your personality, staying home might be the best plan.
  • Coffee isn’t productive? – Because you’ll come down from the caffeine eventually. Of course, there’s always the easy solution: drink another cup of coffee!
  • Night Owls vs. Early Birds – Who’s really got it better? And if it’s night owls, who wants to take over the morning show?
  • Curiosity and memory – Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s also pretty good for your memory.
  • Crock pot season – Even if you don’t like the cold or the impending winter, you gotta love a good hot crock pot meal.
  • The Gen-X Parent – You straddled the line between old school and hi-tech, but your kids live in an internet world.
  • Your smell and your lifespan – Could your sense of smell tell you something about how long you’ll live?
  • Buying shoes – Mike has a theory that women own a lot of shoes because they’re basically just fun to buy, but not necessarily because they need them.

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