We talked about some of your favorite Fall activities (inspired by my recent trip the orchard Apples on the Avenue to get apples with the family so we could make applesauce), plus all this:

  • Time Capsules – Have we reached the point where anything we put in one is going to be unrecognizable in 100 years?
  • Staying up – How does Iowa do when it comes to getting to bed, and where should move if you want to sleep a long time?
  • Underwater hotels – Because there’s nothing like waking up to see a shark staring at you.
  • DIY Vaccines – Convenience is good, but immunizing my child? I’m not sure I need to be in charge of that one.
  • Amazon’s real store – If they don’t have obscure board game expansions, I’m just going to be disappointed.
  • Having an extraordinary life – It’s not about going somewhere else and constantly chasing the next thing.
  • When your kids don’t believe – One mom struggles with what to do when her son says he doesn’t believe in God.
  • Wants vs needs – Sometimes, those wants seem a whole lot like needs. Until your van breaks again…



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