The Bible says, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” However, some people judge for a living and what would we do without them?

I’m just sayin’

Here’s a quote from an article I read this summer that describes this very unique calling.  If you love and enjoy baseball, you will surely identify with this quote as accurately describing the plight of the men in black. Enjoy.

“Umpires feel compelled to be perfect and poised, to control the chaos that plays out in front of them, and they worry they’ll be attacked or humiliated if they fail. They’re like all of us, in other words, but more so — more put-upon yet more dignified, because they ask for that responsibility night after night. To survive, an umpire has to learn to make his calls and then block it all out: the replays and criticism, as well as his own fear and self-recriminations.” Taken from an article from ESPN: The Magazine

Saluting these men who serve us well doing a thankless and very difficult job.

Go Royals!

Something to think about.


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