New tech means we can use less water washing clothes and we’ll probably miss out on a partial eclipse today. All that and more we talked about during the show in today’s show notes:

  • Less water in washing – Special washers with nylon beads could save washing, but then don’t we have to pay for beads?
  • Women live longer – But as all men want to know: why?
  • Last things – Sure, there’s raking and mowing to do before winter, but don’t forget the last bonfires, grillouts, and walks through the neighborhood.
  • Daily bread – God will give us what we need.  And if he blesses us, we should be ready to give it away if He calls us to.
  • Halloween and your kids – You have decide what’s right for your family and what the Bible says, but don’t judge others if they come to a different conclusion.
  • Partial eclipse – We’ll probably miss this one due to clouds, but the next full eclipse is in 2017.
  • Complicated toy names – Because “My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll” is an easy thing for a year old to say…


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