There are not too many people who can claim to have taken to the football field on Peyton Manning’s offense, testified before the US Senate, and performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Here’s a chance to meet someone who can.

We go On the Road to take in the remarkable journey of a Minnesota born, Superbowl-winning former NFL tight end for the Colts & the Bengals, Ben Utecht, as he embarks on a career in music. His upcoming album is “Man up”.

One moment in Bengals’ training camp changed his life forever. It’s a story of faith, music, football & courage.

Ben had battled injuries repeatedly throughout his athletic career, but it was his fifth concussion in training camp for the Cincinnati Bengals that brought him to to a moment of decision.

The moment of decision

The issue of concussions and brain health has gained a much higher profile in sports like football and baseball in recent years. Ben explains that while he was prepared to deal with more traditional health effects brought on by football, he could never anticipated the effect his injuries would have on his brain and personality.

Unexpected impacts

From the unique perspective of his journey, what is Ben’s advocacy message as he speaks in places like the UN and to Senate committees? And does football need to change in light of the alarming rise in concussions and brain injuries?

What needs to change

To have the courage to meet and pass through challenges like those Ben has confronted, you need to have a solid foundation. He explains what that foundation has been for him, and how it was one he embraced from an early age as a pastor’s son.

A faith legacy

The transition from life as a high profile professional athlete was not always a simple one. Ben explains how that journey continues to bring him to a deeper realization that who he is in the eyes of his creator is vastly more than enough of an identity.

Understanding identity

Here’s our full interview with Ben. He shares some fascinating thoughts on what the reception has been to his advocacy; how writing and performing his music has helped him mightily in his journey; what he learned from Peyton Manning; and much, much more.

Part 1 – Faith, music and football with Ben Utecht

Part 2: Faith, music and football with Ben Utecht

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