We covered a few new movies in the this week’s chat with Bob from Plugged In.  First we talked about Beyond the Lights, a movie with a Beyonce-ish lead character who falls in love with a guy from the other side of the tracks.  Sadly, Bob said the movie was filled with a bit of sensuality that made it not suitable for kids.  The other PG-13 movie out this weekend was Dumb and Dumber To. Bob didn’t have anything good to say about this one, saying that in more than one scene he wondered how it managed not to get rated R.

The family friendly option out this weekend is Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” where Kirk tries to save Christmas from Christians who are opposed to it because Santa Claus is bad and Christmas trees are pagan.  While Bob said the movie had a great message and no content issues, it was too short, coming in at only 69 minutes, with only 30 of that being really great content. That made it hard to recommend for Bob when a ticket and popcorn is more than $10. You can check out our conversation below and read longer reviews at the Plugged In website.

Reviews for November 14th

(Image courtesy of Saving Christmas)

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