Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to remember those still with us and those who’ve gone on before who put their country and freedoms before themselves.

  • Email craziness – When things spiral out of control, you can lose it or laugh it off. Which will you choose today?
  • Gold playing cards – For the person who has way too much money laying around.
  • Veteran’s Day – It’s an honor and privilege to live in a country that so many fought so hard for.
  • Passionate Marriage – How do you get that spark back in you marriage when it feels like it’s missing.
  • Cardboard spaceship – There’s no reason to give your kids anything but the box.
  • Work-at-home Mom – How exactly does she do it all?
  • Cleaning mistakes – Because the more you know, the faster you can get it done.
  • Axes to Grind – Some people are just angry at you because of what you believe. How do you handle those situations?
  • The top spy – Can you be the top spy if everyone knows your name?



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