The foundation of a restful life is shalom, sabbath, and grace. Listen as Kerri Weems of Celebration Church joins us to talk about the importance of building a rhythm of rest into our days.

Kerri says we need to approach this with a different mindset than the American work mentality. “You can’t store up rest the way you store up other things; it’s a rhythm that has to happen every day.”

Rest is not:

• Time management
• Discipline  (“You can practice spiritual disciplines without experiencing spiritual transformation. My spiritual practices had become part of my to-do list. I came to realize that discipline without devotion leaves us an empty shell.”)
• Habits
• Withdrawing from the world to engage in spiritual practices
• Saying “no” and setting boundaries

What is rest? 

Shalom: The Hebrew word means “Total wholeness from top to bottom; nothing missing, nothing lost.” Anything that divides us is moving us away from shalom. Rather than multitasking, try to focus on one thing at a time; our memories become watered down because we aren’t fully focused when they’re happening.

  • Practical tip: When you get home at the end of the day, put your cell phone on airplane mode and focus on your family.

• Sabbath: A place or space in time dedicated to rest, a place for renewal and restoration.

  • Practical tip: Schedule time each day to pause and be still – seek wholeness rather than productivity.

Grace: God’s unmerited favor and His empowering ability.

  • Practical tip: Ask yourself three questions when facing a task or opportunity:
  1. Who put this yoke on me?
  2. What is motivating me?
  3. Who am I trying to please?

Kerri’s book is .

Highlight : Why choosing rest can lead to disappointing others

Keeping a rhythm of rest

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